Centre de bénévolat et Moisson Laval

  • Privacy Policy
  • Editorial Policy (publication and dissemination of content)
  • Social Media Management Policy

BACKGROUND - Social Media Management Policy

  • In the area of electronic communications ;
  • To consolidate its visibility and increase the influence of its mission ;

CBML must:

  • regulate the use of social media to the assigned employees ;
  • develop a privacy policy ;
  • have a clear editorial policy and consistent with respect to the publication and distribution of content ;
    • via social networks
    • via traditional media
    • in its external communication tools (Website, Newsletters, etc…)
    • for internal communications
  • question the notion of e-reputation ;
  • ensuring legal framework ;


  • because employees, volunteers, and partners using social networks ;
  • for information about the agency disseminated by stakeholders already circulating ;
  • because it must adopt a proactive policy to compensate for any crisis management ;