Fine Option Program

How to contact us:

Phone: (450) 681-4994

Toll free: 1-800-667-8532

Administered by the Department of Public Safety, the Fine Option Program is an alternative to the incarceration of adult offenders. A citizen who cannot pay a fine has the possibility of benefitting from this program, by doing compensation work for community organizations.
The Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval, in charge of this program's regional management since 1983, meets the beneficiaries of the program in an interview and coordinates the work of all of these offenders who live in the judicial districts of Laval, Terrebonne and Joliette.
For communities, there are many benefits and much to be gained from this program. Not only is it a humane and preventative solution, but this program:
  •  humanizes the justice system, and involves society in its administration;
  •  empowers participants while developing work skills;
  •  lets people know about resources already in place in communities;
  •  develops and broadens the CBML's visibility as the regional manager of this program;
  •  enables the acquisition of new partnerships within religious communities (churches, convents), charities, food banks, municipalities, schools, etc…
In 2011-2012, we helped 432 host organizations in the Laval, Terrebonne and Joliette areas. Those areas benefitted from 291 376 hours of various types of work: manual labour (painting, landscaping, etc.), office work, janitorial work, accompanying the elderly in leisure activities, etc…
Since the beneficiaries of this program are underprivileged and do not have the means to pay their fine, they consent to do compensatory work, in order to lighten their debt to society. The beneficiaries mainly do manual labour, or support in office work.
Most people who have been referred to Fine Option Programs have a good disposition, and host organizations are quite satisfied with the work of these beneficiaries.
Cases mostly come from municipal and provincial court registries.