Sectors of activities
Types of volunteers
Support for the dying
Visiting the terminally ill in hospitals or at their home. Moral support for and comforting grieving families.
Assisting with errands
Assisting a sick or elderly person - usually once a week - with getting groceries, going to the drugstore or the bank, from their home.
Assisting with leisure activities
Help and support with leisure / recreational activities such as bowling, going to the swimming pool, the museum, vacation camps, etc. Offered in a buddy system or group perspective.
Assisting with transportation to medical appointments
Accompanying someone in getting to the hospital, or going to see their doctor. The volunteer drives a car, physically helps the person as needed (getting up stairs or crossing a street), provides a human presence.
Reception - Front desk
Directing calls and welcoming beneficiaries.
Help with homework
Helping a student with learning disabilities or without parental support. Individual or group help, after school (once or twice a week) - at home, school or an organization.
Civic assistance
Helping someone who is taking steps such as finding a place to live, going to court, trying to reach a government organization.
Help with moving
Helping the elderly (at their home) to pack or unpack boxes during moving. Transportation and moving itself are not included in this volunteering task.
Help with forms
Helping to fill out forms such as Income Security applications, income tax returns, etc…
Recreational or leisure activities | sports
Ensuring the smooth running of leisure activities and sports, by way of helping to plan or host. This can be done in a home-care centre or - for organizations -through various committees.
Social | security calls
Making phone calls to lonely people to chat with them, or simply to make sure that they're safe.
Arts & crafts | sewing
Hands-on activities that make the most of a volunteer's talents or experience, to perform work in these fields.
Emergency food service
Physical work that involves making boxes of food, sorting food, or packaging food for people in need.
Emergency clothes service
Sorting clothes, doing minor repairs, customer service.
Outdoors upkeep
Help in moving the lawn, picking up leaves, clearing up snow, planting flowers, etc,; for individuals or organizations.
Special events
This type of activity is mostly for volunteers who prefer to, occasionally, enroll themselves in various organizations, and different jobs: bazaar, popular celebrations, convention, cultural exhibits, sporting events.
Reprieve for caretakers
Relieving, once a week, someone in charge of a sick or handicapped person, so that this caretaker can run personal errands, go out, and so forth.
Occasional representing in shopping centre booths, or for many foundations, associations, or organizations.
Music | Singing | Photography
People who are artistically gifted can showcase their talents at a popular festival / field day, or entertain residents in a home-care centre through playing music, singing, etc…
Advisor or confidante; big brother or big sister to a physically / mentally handicapped person, immigrant or child.
Helping relationship
Bringing support to and following-up on someone who is going through emotionally-difficult times, by listening to him / her.
Help for young mothers
At-home help for young mothers who are struggling with life after the birth of their child (such as helping to care for the baby, light housework, etc).
Specialized services
Specific help for an organization so that they can offer personalized service to their client base (manicure, hairdressing, massage).
Administration support
Helping to implement an organization's current activities (information gathering, client base follow-up, governing board, promoting, recruiting).
Stimulation people with physical or cognitive disabilities through physical, memory, language, or concentration exercise; at their home or with an organization.
Transporting merchandises
With his / her own vehicle, the volunteer brings technical support in carrying small furniture, clothes, various food items, for organizations or people in need.
Office work
Help in various tasks such as making photocopies, folding letters, stamping envelopes, filing documents, making phone calls.
Computer work
Word processing, data entry, internet and web pages
Friendly visits
Visiting someone at their home or in a home-care centre, once a week, to talk to the person if they're feeling lonely (as you would do with a neighbour or a friend), and giving the person moral support, as needed.
Preparing and helping with meals
Helping to prepare meals, taking charge of purchases, serving food to beneficiaries at a community meal, soup kitchen, or meals on wheels.