Rights and responsibilities
of working volunteer

The volunteer must know and understand an organization's objectives while working for it:

  • So that he / she can make sure that the organization's objectives corresponf to his / her own;
  • So that his / her work is consistent with the organization's goals.

The volunteer must understand the extent and limits of his / her duties within his / her volunteer work:

  • The volunteer must accept the inherent responsibilities regarding hus / her job, and be ready to fulfill them completely;
  • The volunteer must know the boundary between his / her work and that of employees.

The volunteer must accept supervision and evaluation following management criteria as stringent as those used for an employee:

  • To let the organization coordinate all available resources and channel them in the most efficient way;
  • To let the volunteer monitor his / her own progress within the job and improve it.

( The fact that there is no salary must not impede the strength of the commitment. )

The volunteer must understand confidentiality and have respect for the customers, the employees and all other volunteers.

Responsibilities of an organization regarding working volunteers:

  • The organization must define the volunteer's job by determining its breadth and boundaries, specifying its requirements and establishing duties and specific tasks;
  • The organization must provide an integration procedure and acquaint the volunteer with its internal politics, whether they are job-related or not;
  • The organization must offer the volunteer proper supervision, along with the opportunity to participate in various training;
  • The organization must ensure an adequate work space for the volunteer, to conform to the job's requirements;
  • The organization must give the volunteer a chance to be heard, and to make the most of his / her skills and abilities;
  • The organization must find concerte ways to show the volunteers that they are appreciated;
  • The organization must have methods of ensuring confidentiality.