Volunteer services
to better support you

Evaluation and guidance

Thanks to interviews conducted by a team of volunteer advisors, newly recruited volunteers are guided towards types of work that they enjoy. New volunteers are guided towards any one of 30 types of work at the CBML, or towards another community organization.


Follow-up phone calls are very important, as they let a volunteer quickly share about his/her volunteering experience. The volunteer might need advice, training, or further guidance. He (or she) might choose to volunteer in another organization, and be referred to by the CBML. In this way, the CBML staff is sure to make volunteering a meaningful experience for this person.

Volunteer workshops

As per our volunteers' request, we offer information sessions about various subjects related to their volunteering. This year, volunteers from the food bank attended an information session regarding the reality of poverty and immigration. Furthermore, the Volunteer Services Department held a roundtable with volunteers who are assigned to interviewing, to set up new recruiting strategies. Volunteer services