Getting Started Volunteering

We have need of volunteers throughout the year, in various types of work.

To offer your help or to get more information, please call us at (450) 681 6164

Click HEREfor types of work and
HEREfor the Volunteer's rights and responsibilities.

Here's how you can become a volunteer :

You'll be invited to meet an advisor for a 30-45 minute interview. The advisor's role is to help you pick a certain type of work that will fit with :

  • Your interests;
  • Your skills;
  • Your availability;
  • Your motivations;
  • Your neighbourhood;

A 2 ndmeeting will be scheduled with the person responsible for the service / organization you'll be working for.

This meeting will give you more information about :

  • The job description;
  • The organization's mission and philosophy;
  • Supervision, evaluation and follow-up methods;
  • The schedule;
  • The client base;

Your preferences may steer you towards one of our Centre's services or towards an accredited community organization as needed, and taking your choice into account.

Filtering process

There are some measures that organizations must set up to ensure the safety and well-being of their client base. This process - called ''filtering'' - is based on determined positions, and is applied to all volunteers who will fill in these positions. Filtering begins as early as before the volunteer's recruitment, and continues throughout the volunteer's involvement with the organization.

Social references

During your interview at the CBML, you have to provide two social references. A social reference is a type of corroboration from a friend, acquaintance or other, that recommends you for the job you've chosen. These references are required to assure the organization that you are the best candidate for the selected job.

Questions that can help you when choosing volunteer work:

My personal motivations

  • How have I come to want to work as a volunteer?
  • What goals and objectives am I trying to reach while working as a volunteer?
  • How can I possibly attain these goals and objectives?

My interests

  • What would I like - and not like - to do?
  • What job would be perfect for me?
  • Do I want to directly work with a client base, or support an organization?
  • What type of client base, or what field would I like to work in?

My skills

  • Do I have the abilities to do this sort of job?
  • Do I want to make use of one of my strengths, or do I want to try and develop other aspects of my personality?

My availability, my requirements

  • Am I able to commit myself on a regular or an occasional basis?
  • How many hours in a week, or how much time can I dedicate to this?
  • What are my constraints, or limits?

At this point, you can take a look at the list of types of work to find the type of volunteering that is right for you.

Form Registration
of new volunteer (+18 years)