Our mission
since 1981
 Mutual sharing    Consultation    Don Respect    HOPE dignity    Listening Accessibility    Transparency    Diversity    Tenacity    Credibility    Multiculturalism Leadership    Professionalism    Reliability welcome Opening    Volunteer together Support

The Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval was founded in 1981. Its goal is to develop and promote volunteering and mutual help on a social level, in the city of Laval area. This is done to improve the Laval community's well-being.

Furthermore, the CBML manages a regional food bank to meet the needs of community organizations by recycling, processing and free distribution of quality fooditems; in this way, the CBML can also help beneficiaries in need in the Laval region, for example, through the Emergency Food Service.

The Centre fulfills its mission through four occupation categories :

  • Developing volunteer work
  • Volunteer support
  • Organization support
  • Support to individuals

Each of the CBML's many services all fit within one or more of those categories.

Our vision

We fundamentally believe in the potential of every human being.
We wish our interventions for people to bring out their autonomy.

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