Word from the Head Director
At a glance

Mr Martin Hébert, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Martin Hébert

The Board of Directors is pleased to present the new president of Centre de bénévolat et Moisson Laval, Mr. Martin Hébert, Regional Director of Scotiabank Financial Institution in Laval. He was elected to the central board of directors in September 2009. Subsequently, he was appointed Treasurer Board and has since the last general meeting, where he was appointed Board President.

It is with enthusiasm that we know that Mr. Martin Hébert has accepted this challenge. His leadership and dynamism makes it is involved in associations and boards of charitable organizations.

While visionary, Mr. Hébert demonstrated a pragmatism that reinforces its commitment to giving back to the community.

Under the leadership of Mr. Martin Hébert, the Board wishes to achieve and continuity of this great movement that we carry together.

Message from the Chairman and Executive Director

Jean GagnonOnce again, the participation and devotion of volunteers were well represented by their support and involvement within the organization and the Laval community. We have seen their increasing contributions yet again, each and every year. I would like to thank our volunteers, donors and partners. You are the pillars of our organization and living environment.

This year, we have witnessed an ever-growing involvement and participation from all levels of companies and businesses. Our beneficiaries, mostly underprivileged and suffering from exclusion, have to live with difficult situations every day; this is a concern for many companies. And so, these companies give some of their work time to help us in various tasks, either physical or administrative. Their work has let us build important relationships with local businesses. Their generosity is simply wonderful.

The Centre's presence at various forums in Laval is a sign of our partnership with many organizations and governmental authorities. We have a seat on 25 issue tables, councils or committees.

The Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval is increasingly called upon by the education sector. Recognized as leaders and experts in the education field we, at the Centre, have fostered interns within all manner of services. We thank them for their help.

Following the arrival of the Assistant Head Director, many changes have been made in the warehouse and its surroundings. We have ssen the implementation of a new storage system, thus improving our safety code within current superstore standards. We have had positive results with regards to hygiene and healthiness. Another challenge was overcome with the setup of a new computer system, making everyday operations more efficient for the Centre's various services.

A very special thank you to the CBML staff for their support, their empathy for our beneficiaries, and their warm welcome shown to our volunteers. For their generosity, I would like to thank: businesses, associations, foundations, employee groups and our fellow citizens. I would also like to thank the media for promoting much awareness among the people of Laval, of the Centre's purpose. Additional thanks to Chomedey Toyota Laval for donating a vehicle.

Lastly, thank you to the Board of Administrators. Your support and judicious advice have been invaluable, and I am very grateful.


Martin Hébert
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Jean Gagnon
Executive Director