The Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval’s mission is to ensure the fair redistribution of foodstuffs to organizations and individuals, and to develop, support and promote volunteer action and mutual aid.


The Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval’s vision is to counter food insecurity in the Laval community and contribute to a volunteer movement for mutual aid.

Our numbers

The Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval is a non-profit organization founded in 1981.  Since then, the Centre pursues its mission to develop and promote volunteer action and social assistance with the Laval community.

Here are our highlights for the year 2022-2023:

  • 2 420 651 Kg collected at the food bank
  • 399 663 breakfasts and snacks offered in Laval schools
  • 4 732 emergency food aid offered to Laval families
  • 2 500 Christmas baskets
  • 30 536 hours of volunteer work
  • 636 accredited organizations benefitting from foodstuff and / or volunteers

Board of directors

Julie Choquette
Julie ChoquettePresident
Mélissa Lessard
Mélissa LessardVice-president
Cyril Paciullo
Cyril Paciullo Secretary
Brigitte Faucher
Brigitte FaucherTreasurer
Jacques Gendron
Jacques GendronAdministrator
Daniel Côté
Daniel CôtéAdministrator
Katia Naccarello
Katia NaccarelloAdministrator
Mostafa Youbi
Mostafa YoubiAdministrator
Pascal Dumais
Pascal DumaisAdministrator
Catherine Leclair
Catherine LeclairAdministrator
Jean Gagnon
Jean GagnonEx-Officio, Executive Director