In Laval, children eat their fill! Unfortunately, this wish does not reflect reality. In September 1998, the CBML breakfast-snack program was launched in Laval elementary schools. Today it is present in 42 schools and pavilions and the main goal has remained; to ensure the best chances of success for more than 4300 young people.

2016-2017 Recap

Our partnership with the Centre d’implication libre de Laval, an organization that helps people who have lived with or live with mental health issues, continues.  The participants cooked more than 16,000 muffins for the students.  226,157 breakfast-snacks were distributed to 3,898 children in 39 schools.

Schools covered

Elementary schools High schools
Coursol school
Crestview school
De l’Arc-en-ciel 1 school
De l’Arc-en-ciel 2 school
De L’Avenir school
Du Bois-Joli school
Fleur-de-Vie 1 school
Fleur-de-Vie 2 school
Fleur-de-Vie 3 school
Jean-XXIII school
John F. Kennedy school
Jules-Verne school
Le Tandem (1) school
Léon-Guilbault (1) school
Léon-Guilbault (2) school
Léon-Guilbault (3) school
Les Quatre-Vents school
L’Harmonie school
L’Escale school
Marcel-Vaillancourt school
Monseigneur-Laval school
Sainte-Marguerite school
Saint-Gilles 1 school
Saint-Gilles 2 school
Saint-Gilles 3 school
Saint-Julien school
Saint-Norbert school
Saint-Paul 1 school
Saint-Paul 2 school
Simon-Vanier school
Saint-Charles (building)
Alphonse-Desjardins school
Horizon Jeunesse school
Jean-Piaget school
Laval Senior Academy
Leblanc school
Mont-de-La Salle school
Équipe sportive Les Loups

The golf tournament has been a CBML initiative for the past 18 years.  Its goal is to help young people eat well as part of the breakfast-snack program.

It aims to help young people eat well as part of the lunch and snack program

The CBML would like to thank all the donors and participants for giving hope to young people in the region; highlighting various partners’ strong support.

Atelier de cuisine sur la transformation des boîtes de conserve, recettes faciles préparées à partir des aliments conservés.

 Les boîtes de conserve sont parmi les articles le plus facilement accessibles au comptoir alimentaire d’urgence, tout au long de l’année.

Les aliments en boîte sont parmi ceux qui se conservent le plus longtemps. Garder en réserve des aliments de base en boîte permet de réaliser des recettes faciles et rapides telles que : soupes, salades, repas et assaisonnements, y compris des desserts!

Bien que les aliments frais ont généralement un coût plus avantageux et sont meilleurs pour la santé, le côté pratique des aliments en boîte de conserve est incontestable.

Le but de cet atelier est de montrer comment se dépanner en préparant un repas chez soi, même si on a peu ou pas d’aliments frais sous la main.

Lieu :  Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval.

Durée : Deux heures et demi.

Frais d’inscription : 3$, qui comprennent la formation, le livret de recettes, des boîtes de conserve à importer et les recettes cuisinées à partager.

Personnes éligibles à l’inscription : bénéficiaires du comptoir alimentaire.


Dates de prochains ateliers    Thème

21 mars 2018          13h00            Soupes

11 avril 2018            13h00            Sauces

9 mai 2018               13h00            Salades

6 juin 2018               13h00            Desserts

The Volunteer Show brings together active organizations, that help groups with diverse needs in Laval, under the same roof to promote the different spheres of volunteering and raise awareness with regards to the services they offer to the public. This visibility also allows them to interest potential new volunteers to join their ranks

This year, the show took place at Centre Duvernay, on October 19th, 2017.

The boît’appétit was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Laval Integrated Social Services Center. The objective of this fruits and vegetables program is to enable Laval residents who are likely to be in a food emergency situation to purchase fresh produce at a lower cost. It has since known an impressive boom.

Nearly 240 orders are placed every two weeks and sent to the different drop-off points. This reach is made possible thanks to the participation of about twenty organizations and drop-off points. Hence, Boît’appétit allowed 11,200 people to benefit from 4,839 boxes during the year. This represents a 12 % increase.


For 33 years, the Christmas Basket Campaign of the Centre de bénévolat et Moisson Laval calls on citizens’ generosity to help families in need.

What are the Christmas baskets?

Each basket contains the equivalent of a complete grocery for one week:  19 non-perishable items, 20 perishable items, such as milk, fruits, vegetables and bread.  We need 60,000 kg of food just to fill the Christmas baskets, which represents the equivalent of almost 60 elephants.

The Christmas Basket Campaign feeds more than 2,000 Laval famillies. When we talk about 2,000 families, we also talk bout 1,830 underpriviledged children who spent a better and happier Christmas thanks to donations.  More than 45,000 families have been helped since the beginning of the campaign.

This year, the distribution of the baskets will be on December 17th, 2017 with the help of more than 400 volunteers specially selected for the week-end of the event.

Each year. the first Thursday of December is dedicated to solidarity for the awareness and fight against poverty.

A hundred media outlets and thousands of volunteers will come together across Québec to collect non-perishable foodstuff and cash donations to help people that are in precarious economic situations.

Together for the cause

The Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval and the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul work in collaboration to ensure the success of this important event that allows to support emergency food services for people going through a difficult experience.

More than 400 volunteers will complete the task of collecting your cash donations or non-perishable foodstuff at various collection points in the city of Laval.


In collaboration with the City of Laval, the «Coût de crayon» operation is an initiative in school perseverance aimed at offering more than 625 young people, the items needed for the new 2017 school year: a backpack, a lunch box and school supplies.

This program’s success is also due to our donors and volunteers that have been supporting it since 1998.

In collaboration with the City of Laval, this initiative aims to offer a week-long stay in a vacation camp to young people from low-income families.  Thanks to the city’s involvement, the number of young people taking part in the summer vacation camp program will increase from 20 to 35 for the summer of 2018.

The camp targets children between the ages of 9 and 12 coming from a household that presents socio-economic difficulties (judiciously recruited from a household income assessment) and who have never had the chance to live an experience in a natural environment (close to a lake or in the forest) where they can develop through outdoor activities and build relationships.

The Nouveau départ kit is a project supported by the City of Laval.  This new initiative provides a kit that addresses basic nutritional and hygienic needs for infants under years of age.

The Snacks for the 2-4 year olds is a project supported by the City of Laval.  It is a new initiative that will be implemented over a one year period to meet the dietary needs of children between the ages of 2 and 4.

We are aiming to help close to 500 children, up to 3 times per year. The snacks will be given out during emergency food aid.