On a daily basis, we have to deal with fresh and ugly foods that we give back to people who are going through an insecure period when it comes to food. Since we are dependent on donors and harvests, we need to find ways to give attractive products throughout the year.

We are fortunate to have a nutrition technician and a chef among our resources. We put their expertise to work by creating an educational program to familiarize our vulnerable clientele with a balanced diet.

We offer processed foods based on our donations and harvests prepared by our team. For some products, our technician is pleased to provide information on the content by identifying the products, the allergens, the nutritional values, in addition to offering complete recipes depending on the products available.


emergency food service
servings per week of varied meals
people helped

Our goal is to educate them about healthy eating as well as make them independent. We want to develop tools for this project to be transferable to other organizations that would like to refer to it