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Volunteering your time for your community’s well-being

Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval (CBML) is a leader in its field, working to improve food security and to develop an efficient community-support network.

By recruiting volunteers, we can provide services to the population and community-based organizations across Laval.

Volunteering is a great way of expressing social solidarity and mutual aid. It provides you with opportunities to give back to your community and make a meaningful impact on the people and organizations that benefit from your act of kindness.


Onboarding and orientation

Once you have sent your application, we will invite you to meet with a recruitment consultant. At this meeting, which should last about 40 minutes, we will discuss your interests, skills, aptitudes, availability, and motivation so as to find a volunteer opportunity that meets your expectations and ensures your satisfaction and desire to stay on.


Get involved with community-based organizations near you! Whether you take part on a regular or occasional basis, being a volunteer means joining a united movement where it’s good to give and receive, regardless of the size and nature of your contribution.

Be a volunteer


In small groups of five to ten people maximum, follow a regular volunteer in his or her tasks and see for yourself how CBML takes action! For large groups, your team will be divided into smaller subgroups to carry out your volunteering activities.

Do you want to get involved in a different way? You can organize a fundraising drive or food-collection activity.

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List of individual volunteering options

Shipping orders to community-based organizations in Laval (pick up orders for dry, pre-prepared, fresh and frozen products, etc.).

Sorting of fruits and vegetables (sorting fruits and vegetables in the warehouse, working on your feet, worksite may be cool).

Required skills and qualifications: must be fit to lift boxes that may weigh 20 lbs.

Intercultural pairing is an effective measure for facilitating and accelerating newcommers’ adaptation to and integration in life in Canada. It breaks their isolation, helps them strengthen their use of French, and enables them to take part in social activities.

Required skills and qualifications: empathy, open-mindedness, and respect.

Coaching, supporting and assisting children in their academic learning for elementary students.

Required skills and qualifications: comfortable with children and able to impart knowledge.

Several essential tasks are performed in the food-aid department: starting with processing and analyzing applicants’ files, stocking shelves, making baskets for donations and, finally, greeting clients to give them a basket.

Make friendship calls approximately 1 hour per week to break up loneliness among seniors.

Required skills and qualifications: be discreet, a good listener, respectful and speak French or English.

Provide transportation to and from a medical appointment from the client’s home. The volunteer may sometimes be required to accompany the client inside.

Required skills and qualifications: be punctual and respectful and be a responsible and careful driver.

Helping people with health issues and/or senior with tasks around the house (organizing, making or unmaking boxes) no maintenance work or moving.

Required skills and qualifications: organized, reliable, and discreet.

Allow a person experiencing isolation to share, talk, entertain or go for a walk as needed.

Required skills and qualifications: long-term commitment, discretion, respect and open-mindedness (culture, values, religion, etc.).

Several volunteer categories are available in this category:

  • Kitchen helper: helping out in the kitchen whether preparing various dishes or doing various small tasks.
  • Driver: use your vehicle to accompany strollers and deliver hot meals Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.
  • Runner: go out to meet the beneficiaries by bringing them a meal.

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