Campaigns and programs

An essential contribution to community well-being

Community involvement is essential to our operations. Without donations or fundraising activities, we would not be able to carry out our mission for Laval residents living with food insecurity.

We are thankful for the support of the many individuals, businesses, and organizations that are committed to the cause of food insecurity by taking part in our annual campaigns and programs. Help feed your community by donating to one of the campaigns below!

Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval (CBML) thanks you for your generous contribution to efforts to eradicate hunger!

Campaigns and programs

Supermarket Recovery Program (SRP)

The Supermarket Recovery Program (SRP) is the first of its kind in Canada. In collaboration with food retailers, the SRP offers a unique and sustainable solution to the problems of food waste and food insecurity....

Breakfasts and snacks

Since 1998, Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval (CBML) has been offering a breakfast-and-snacks program in Laval schools that are particularly disadvantaged. This year, 276,582 snacks were distributed in the 33 schools registered in the program....

Pencil-cost operation

The beginning of the school year is always a special and exciting time for students. By helping young people in difficulty obtain essential school supplies, we help them regain their self-confidence while stimulating their desire to learn and hope to succeed....

Christmas basket campaign

Since 1984, the Christmas basket campaign (CPN) at Centre de bénévolat et Moisson Laval has called on the generosity of Laval residents to help families in need....

The media food drive

Every year, the first Thursday of December is dedicated to solidarity in the fight against and awareness of poverty. About a hundred media and thousands of volunteers unite, throughout Québec, to collect non-perishable foodstuffs and financial donations to help people in precarious economic situations....

The Great Food drive for Children (GRPE)

The great food drive for children is an annual fundraising campaign that takes place in partnership with Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval, Moisson Montréal, Moisson Rive-Sud and Moisson Estrie. The purpose of the campaign is to collect food and financial donations to supply community-based organizations whose target clients are…...

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